Jason Chee's Testimonial on Protein Drinks for The Amino Bar

Firstly, I would comment that all the shakes at The Amino Bar are concocted and thought of meticulously to bring the best flavour & value to consumers. The Amino Bar is constantly thinking of and coming up with new flavours, therefore its customers will have an interesting variety of selections to choose from. The shakes are delicious, healthy & have adequate nutrients in them for you to grab on-the-go on a busy day. It is convenient for those who are working or avid gym goers. Why bother drinking protein with just plain water when you can have fruits, honey and top-grade protein blended nicely for you? People usually have a misconception about protein — that it is only meant for guys and gym goers. In fact, protein is essential for your daily activities, so ladies can take it too. Furthermore, it can be taken as a meal replacement! For those who want to slim down, grab a shake as a meal replacement; for guys who want to bulk up, take the shake after your meal to add to your nutritional intake. There is no need to wait, grab your own favourite flavour of shake now!

Jason Chee
Winner & Mr Physique,
Singapore Calendar Guys 2009

Sharmila Tanapathy's Testimonial on Protein Drinks for The Amino Bar

I simply adore The Amino Bar. It is the one place I go to for all my protein shakes. I buy tubs of Dymatize Elite Whey Protein Isolate through them and my favourite protein shake is the Matcha Green Hulk. It has all the ingredients I love, like green tea powder, Dymatize Vanilla protein powder, honey and low fat soymilk all blended together to create a tasty and uber healthy shake. Each protein shake consists of 24 grams (1 scoop) of Dymatize Elite whey protein. I always get my shakes prepared with 2 scoops of their delicious and high quality whey protein. So in effect, I consume 48 grams of protein in an effortless and highly enjoyable way every time I buy a Matcha Green Hulk from The Amino Bar. I am a National athlete with the Singapore Bodybuilding Federation (SBBF) and with a hectic training schedule, The Amino Bar located in the heart of Orchard is a welcome relief. After training, I just run over to them to get my protein fix. Great taste and Great results everytime!

Sharmila Tanapathy
5th in ranking for Women’s Bodyfitness,
Asian Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships 2009

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